Thursday, May 31

Short note from the pulpit.

Nothing special, it's just that yesterday I've posted the 100th post. When I started this thing last year in September I never thought that point would come so early. For me it was just an experiment and I started because I loved and still love to read Russell's blog. I think I am not the only one who started this whole blogging thing because of him. Anyway, time passed by very quickly and I got to know a bunch of interesting and lovely people (you know who you are). What I am really happy about. Hopefully some of you actually did find some interesting, amusing, honest, lovely, nice or just silly things in the stuff I wrote and maybe some of you enjoyed reading my musings (copyright for this word is held by Rob, I've just lent it).
So this is my post no. 101 and if you like I will remain on this domain writing bits and pieces. Thanks for all the attention, nice words and stuff. I hope this was an adequate post for this occasion.

Wednesday, May 30

Playing around with money.

This post was only published because of some heavy threat of force by Mister Marcus Brown. Now, go and have some fun with the funny money machine generously shared with the world by Mister Rob Campbell. Have to work on now, serious. Word to your mother. United Kingdom | Pound.
My other bills can be found here, here and here.


When you pass our office and you see our feet on the desk, don't think we are hanging around on porn sites, reading comics or jiggling our balls. Actually it means that we are working. Because the brain feels better when being on one level with your feet. It works. So give it a try. Working.

Commercial of the Week: Wrigley's Extra.

This one is cute. A perfect example of how a good idea grows because of a brilliant execution. The story is quite easy to understand: a posse of food characters, looking like small vinyl toys, is following a guy around town throughout the day. Simple as that. Nice idea by DDB Sydney and a really good execution by directing duo Jonathan & Josh Baker as known as TWiN. Good one. Clap, clap.

Tuesday, May 29

D&AD side note.

This year was somehow difficult. And, though I am not the one to judge, the outcome of this years D&AD Global Awards is somehow disappointing. Not in all categories. The commercials for Skittles for example are brilliant and therefore deserve a pencil. But the poster category was slightly disturbing. In the next to pictures there is one winning poster hidden and one who did not. Unfortunately it's the "St. Wayne" billboard for Nike, made by the folks at Wieden+Kennedy London, that did not get a pencil. Not even a nomination. That's a decision I simply couldn't understand or, to put it in a rather adequate way, pissed me off that much that for one second I thought about quitting (don't worry about the money, I've just renewed my membership). It was the best poster that has seen the shiny sunlight of 2006. Brilliant execution, great idea. All for nothing. And then I see this. Worth a yellow pencil. That's a poster I argued about with someone before. He thought it is a simple and nice idea. I though it looks like the entrant for some photoshop contest on And as much as I try, I still don't like it. Not the idea, not the art direction. But maybe it's because Wieden+Kennedy did a brilliant piece of work for one of their clients and I still can't find LEGO on the client list of the agency behind that poster. Is it because it was done for award reasons only? I don't know. Maybe I simply don't like it. Anyway if the judges at D&AD decided that "St. Wayne" wasn't even worth a nomination and LEGO was, they will have their pros and cons. From my point of view it's disappointing. D&AD always has been the award with the best judged work worldwide and hopefully always will be. But this year, I am counting on the guys and dolls in Cannes to do it better than some of their colleagues in London. Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for the attention.

Friday, May 25

Marvellous Maik.

Last night our very own art directing genius Maik was awarded with a black pencil at D&AD. It's the first black one that has been awarded to a German advertising agency. What is brilliant. He got it in the category of illustration for this (it's only one of three illustrations): We're all very happy and proud. Hopefully this great achievement will stop him sitting around frowning, like he does here: Maik. If you like say something nice to him in the comments. Thanks for the attention and: HOORAY!

Monday, May 21


Just another word for yes, oui, si and ja. Or something like that.

Saturday, May 19

Update on the scary WK London thing.

The nice people at Wieden+Kennedy London, in person of Neil Christie, have written a post about the painting. Brilliant. There are some nice comments on it, some critical stuff and an interesting and quite supporting rant by Mr Campbell. Thanks, Rob (and everybody else who wrote something. Supporting or critizising.). Though I have to say, that maybe there is some misunderstanding in the aim of the painting. It was not supposed to scare Wieden+Kennedy. It was more some kind of personal journey. Because I was scared to do this thing and finally did some piece of work I like and what I think has some kind of meaning and message. Maybe not only to me. I was scared but I have turned it into something good and meaningful. That's why scare is what you make of it. And that's why it's not supposed to scare somebody. It's supposed to leave a "you're so right. love it.". Nothing more, nothing less. Though it is supposed to open one or two doors as well. Preferably the one to the office of Kim and Tony, ha (Neil said the picture is standing around somewhere there now).

Though while checking pros and cons about what I did, I have to say that it's maybe a bit too complicated to get at first glance. You have to check this website to understand everything (start at the bottom, that should help as well). And busy people don't have the time. Though if you're interested have a look. On all the important thinks are linked (my two blogs, my pieces of work, my email). And you can see the post on WIeden+Kennedy London's nicely written blog by clicking on the picture below. And if you have some minutes take a look and the other interesting things they write. Or maybe tell them to hire the charming and brilliant bloke who is writing this blog.

Friday, May 18


Having a few days off, visiting my grandparents. Tomorrow is the 80th birthday of my grandpa and nearly the whole family will come together for a great brunch and talk and dance and whatever is fun. Only at my hotel room there is WLAN, so don't be mad, angry or sad if I don't answer comments or emails that quick. Anyway we were at my grandparents' garden today. It's a bit outside the city and a small paradise with a little forrest (are 9 crowded trees a forrest?), a huge rhododendron, birds, bees, squirrels and lots of other lovely things. The perfect place to have a cup of coffee, a think, a nice chat and to work on a cool freelance job I am doing for a lovely and great brand. Maybe I'll post something on that job when it's done, hopefully successful. Have a nice, relaxing, brilliant, sunny and lovely weekend, everybody.
Grandpa's garden. Grandpa's garden.

Thursday, May 17

Commercial of the Week: frosta.

The last commercials I presented were witty, emotional and well executed. Just the way it should be. But people, let's face it: most or nearly 95% of the commercials the poor consumer has to bear during a commercial break is really horrible. Crap that only has a chance to have a positive effect on sales if it gets hammered into the head of our lovely consumer by a media budget as big as Russia. One of this embarrasing commercials for frosta sprang to my mind while I was watching the final of the UEFA Cup. It's really daft crap. And if I only would have the telephone number and private address of the agency and client people in charge of something like that, I would post them. So that every single consumer who is taken for a fool with shit like that could ring their bell and then blow their horn. But have a look:

If the subtitle doesn't work that well, here is what they say.

Cook: Hello?
Woman: Peter, tell me why does frosta has this packaging?
Cook: For you to see the food.
Woman: And tell me why do you have this purity requirements?
Cook: I already have told you. Because we don't use flavou...
Woman: Peter...don't you want to come over?
Cook: Yeah. This fish is as fresh as I am randy!
Woman: More fish, Peter! More fish! Oh! Peter from frosta!

Godness, I love this dialogue. Superb written. Very subtle and Shakespeare-ish. "This fish is as fresh as I am RANDY!" Why never before somebody thought about advertise frozen food with a sentence as powerful and unique as this. But honestly, what is the consumer supposed to keep in mind? If I eat this frozen fish from frosta, Peter from frosta comes over, dirties my kitchen and shags my wife? Or maybe if I cook this fish a horny bitch from another dimension calls, asks stupid questions and then wants me to shag the hell out of her on the kitchen table? Er, hello people who take the responsibility for this sparkler in German TV advertising history...could you please tell me what you thought while doing rubbish like this?

Or am I wrong? Is this progressive and I just don't understand it. Can anybody help me?

Wednesday, May 16

iPod Singing reloaded.

After posting "Countryhouse" by Blur and the incredible torturing (my singing, not theirs) "Never Forget" by Take That, we had some sort of iPod Singin party at our office. The videos were posted by iPod Singing-inventor Marcus but as you all know he deleted his old blog. That's why I am posting the videos here. To give all of you some cause to take the mickey out of me and maybe to get some of you to do it again (Rob, I am waiting for you to do Freddy Mercury's "Living on my own"). But first here is what we did (I included some introduction to the people):

Please welcome a new iPod Singing hope. He's a copywriter, he's from Austria, his name is Johannes and he's doing "Rebell Yell" by Billy Idol.

The next song will be cool. Because it's "Daddy Cool". Sung by the first copywriting boy band of iPod Singing. That's some heavy Boney M.

A bit later the copywriting iPod singing Austrian-German duo returned to perform as Ms Kylie Minogue and Mr Robbie Williams. Ladies and gentlemen: "Kids".

Please welcome another heroic duo of iPod Singing. They are one online specialst and one copywriter merged together in one song: "Radio Gaga" by Queen.

Some hours, many beers and a few cigarettes later, the duo of copywriters returned for their final appearance as the Beastie Boys. Maybe you won't understand our singing craftmanship, but it's "Sabotage".

I hope this stuff doesn't make me and them come across as some sort of a geeky, crazy, stupid and awkward bunch of people. Though maybe we are. No. No? Right? Could somebody please say a nice thing or two?

Tuesday, May 15

A Mac is a Mac is a Mac, isn't it?

Okay this one is not a real problem. Or at least a problem of someone without a problem, you know. Two month ago I bought a new, wonderful black MacBook, basically for nostalgical reasons because my first Mac was a black Pismo. My old G4 PowerBook should go to my parents because my mum always is in trouble with her PC and, as we all know, Macs are way better and easier to understand and handle than PCs. Because my mum is a bit fussy about things like that I gave it to an Apple Dealer to replace the cover and trackpad because they had some scratches. Now here is where my problem started: Apple wasn't able to replace it in a month's time so our IT guy (thank you, Robin) argued a bit and now they did send me a whole new MacBook Pro. Is that brilliant? A shiny new MacBook Pro. But what to do now? Take a bit of money and give it to my mum? Or keep it and give the MacBook to my mum? Luxurious problem, eh? The MacBook is a bit more handy and has this nostalgic touch. The MacBook Pro is faster, a bit bigger and the aluminium upper is not as sensitive with finger spots as the black MacBook. It's not a problem, but it is. Any suggestions?MacBook and Pro.

Monday, May 14

Help her grow.

Finally, between some heavy planning of her new life in London, Nina managed to get her busy but lazy ass off and put some things online. It's not much but at least, it's something. So if you like click here: The link will take you to her website. There you'll find a bunch of brilliant features to say hello, visit her blog and download some of the wallpapers she generously offers. Nina is working hard on content for her blog and to get her portfolio online, so maybe give her a nudge, poke or, while you're at it, a job or some freelance work in London. To be honest, she is a brilliant art director, illustrator and graphic artist. Additionally she can put some very mean and nasty faces on and can walk uprightly underneath her desk. That's why I did set up the "too small to be big"-thing for her. Though she definitely deserves to be fucking big. So please, lovely people who read this blog (you're all lovely, are you?) help her grow. For example by downloading and forwarding some of her wallpapers here: Cheers, thanks for your attention, lovely. And stuff.

Thursday, May 10

The Return of the APSotW.

Account Planning School of the Web, Advertising (Planning) School of the Web, or however you might call it, is back. Russel, planning-blog-guru of the web, has handed over the ceptre to Rob, opinionated sod at cynic. Because Rob was not amused about Marcus using this picture I have put together some new ones. So, everybody, this is Rob:
Rob has put together, or as he said begged and bribed together, a bunch of excellent people who will judge the assignments together with him. Here's a list:

Emma, the Global Planning Director of BBH
Arun, Deputy Editor of MEDIA Magazine
Niku, Managing Partner at Naked
Jonathan, Global Researcher at Virgin
Ian, an Inventor at ?WHATIF!
Sarah, a member of Apple's amazing product design team
Andy, the Global CD of cynic

By now the task seems to be great and Rob has given some helpful hints on how to approach it. It's all about making Hummer the number one 4x4 vehicle for men. So give it a go, read the assignment here, join APSotW today, work hard, work very, very hard, have fun, learn stuff and make Rob and his glorious bunch happy and proud. Thanks for attention'n'stuff.


One Day Excursion.

Not at the agency today. One day off to the client (picture one) and to the agency of my former creative director Christoph (you can see him in his office on number two). Tomorrow at 7 a.m. me and Kete, our lovely account manager, will fly back to Hamburg. Nice.
Meeting Room | WestTEAM Office | Christoph

Wednesday, May 9

Dear Mr. Annoying Crap Mail Writer.

This is for all you Maritza Davidsons, Jaquenette Roselles, Kris Cowans, Hiram Vis, Cruz Elmores, Loraine Byers or whatever bloody character you SPAM mailers come up with. For now and all time: I am neither interested in enlarging my penis until it can knock at the door of my girlfriend's larynx nor in purchasing Dreamwaver or Photoshop CS3 or whatever bloody programme on this planet. Furthermore I am not interested in joining the republican, the liberal, the socialist, the green or whatever party on this planet. I won't forward any chain letter, subscribe any petition or sign any newspaper / magazine / newsletter you generously inform me about. My interest in becoming a follower of the Process Church of the Final Judgement, Scientology, the Church of the First Days, the Church of the Last Days and the Church of any god-given Day is as low as my wish to get one more email about Kabbalah and any Kabbalah-related product. For god's sake I don't care about all this stuff. Not in the past, present, future or any time froanother galaxy in another dimension. Please, bother me wherever you like. On the TV. On billboards. In the radio. But not on my mail account. I hate the feeling of checking my mails and being pleased about getting some of them only to find out that they we not send by lovely people I know but you dastard bunch I have never met. Oh, and while you're reading this, please let me add something: No, I am not interested in purchasing a SPAM filter.

Tuesday, May 8

Doubled Nervousness.

The day is passing by and I am excited, nervous, afraid and scared by two things. Number one is this. No reaction. Right now I am really scared that all the work will lead to absofuckinglutely nothing. Woo, goose bumps. Second nervousness is all about football. My favourite football club Schalke 04 is the leader of the table right now. But on Saturday there will be THE derby against some football club not worth mentioning. Double scared. Woo, jimjams.

Commercial of the Week: Nokia N95.

Seems that I like philosophical commercials right now, as seen last week with Nike and this time with Nokia's new commercial for their N95 mobile communication thingy. Though the line "There's a thing in my pocket" could have been the starting dialogue of some low-fi pornographic movie from the 80ties, Nokia and their agency (GREY, I guess) managed to turn this sentence into a poem. Really good. Not the latest, most creative and outstanding idea but it gives you a nice and human feel about this little techtool. Really like the commercial. Well done.

Thursday, May 3

Nina & Seb

Nina and Seb are a team. Jobwise and friendwise. They are creatives and they like each other. So maybe you will like them as well. Or some of the ideas they have. Just give them a nudge and see. Nina & Seb
Say hello to Nina.
Or say hello to Seb.


Apart from some general rumbling about advertising and DHL there wasn't so much happening on this blog recently. I am sorry. Very sorry. Had to do some stuff. Jobwise, futurewise, lovewise. Apply at Wieden+Kennedy London for example. All the work that went in and the stuff that came out you can see on my new website. Just click here: