Monday, May 14

Help her grow.

Finally, between some heavy planning of her new life in London, Nina managed to get her busy but lazy ass off and put some things online. It's not much but at least, it's something. So if you like click here: The link will take you to her website. There you'll find a bunch of brilliant features to say hello, visit her blog and download some of the wallpapers she generously offers. Nina is working hard on content for her blog and to get her portfolio online, so maybe give her a nudge, poke or, while you're at it, a job or some freelance work in London. To be honest, she is a brilliant art director, illustrator and graphic artist. Additionally she can put some very mean and nasty faces on and can walk uprightly underneath her desk. That's why I did set up the "too small to be big"-thing for her. Though she definitely deserves to be fucking big. So please, lovely people who read this blog (you're all lovely, are you?) help her grow. For example by downloading and forwarding some of her wallpapers here: Cheers, thanks for your attention, lovely. And stuff.


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