Tuesday, May 15

A Mac is a Mac is a Mac, isn't it?

Okay this one is not a real problem. Or at least a problem of someone without a problem, you know. Two month ago I bought a new, wonderful black MacBook, basically for nostalgical reasons because my first Mac was a black Pismo. My old G4 PowerBook should go to my parents because my mum always is in trouble with her PC and, as we all know, Macs are way better and easier to understand and handle than PCs. Because my mum is a bit fussy about things like that I gave it to an Apple Dealer to replace the cover and trackpad because they had some scratches. Now here is where my problem started: Apple wasn't able to replace it in a month's time so our IT guy (thank you, Robin) argued a bit and now they did send me a whole new MacBook Pro. Is that brilliant? A shiny new MacBook Pro. But what to do now? Take a bit of money and give it to my mum? Or keep it and give the MacBook to my mum? Luxurious problem, eh? The MacBook is a bit more handy and has this nostalgic touch. The MacBook Pro is faster, a bit bigger and the aluminium upper is not as sensitive with finger spots as the black MacBook. It's not a problem, but it is. Any suggestions?MacBook and Pro.


Blogger Waldemar said...

first of all, this shot looks like brilliant product placement, nice job with the innocent bottle and the sony headphones ;)

second, i'd go for the macbook pro, if i would work with photoshop etc. a lot, which i do. but if you don't definatly go for the macbook, just because of the size i'd say.

third, please, please, i beg you, tell me the secret how your it guy made them change your powerbook into a pro, i'd love to do that, and i have some minor scratches as well – waiting for information! :D

10:21 am, May 16, 2007  
Blogger lauren said...

a post to skite about! what a tough one seb.. actually, you should keep both and put a sticker on the macbook that says 'my other computer is a macbookpro'...

failing that, of course you have to give the macbook to your mum! if you're so into nostalgia, you can borrow it for a day.

11:47 am, May 16, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

yeah, I know it's a luxurious problem. but I find it really hard to decide between those two. Maybe because I am very nostalgic, maybe because it's an appreciated distraction for my mind to stop being impatient about the WK-thing. Thank god I am not wondering about which one fits better to the black Gucci suit I don't have...ha.

1:52 pm, May 16, 2007  

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