Monday, September 24

Campbell's branch in Hamburg.

I was in my lovely hometown of Hamburg over the weekend and while buying coffee and trainers I spotted this sign for an optician on the other side of the street. Looks like Rob's not only has his hands on the cynic crowd.
For all of you, who have no idea why I post a sign for a damn optician in Hamburg, please visit the blog of this lovely bloke, try to find a picture of him and you'll understand.

Friday, September 21

The Impossible Helmet and other stuff.

Okay, it's been a long time since my last post and I am in London since three weeks and I feel uncomfy and guilty that I didn't manage to do a proper post yet. And, surprise, this won't be a proper post as well, as I am not in London but in Hamburg right now. When I am back I will definitely post more things about being at Wieden+Kennedy and post some proper pictures of the area and the lovely people I am glad to work with. For now only one picture I took while doing an exciting little thing for emeco.
For, well, safety reasons we wore helmets. Because I have quite a big head I only found one helmet that fitted quite well. It was in a shelf down at the front door. And what can I say, thanks to a quick talk during a cigarette break I found out it was the helmet from Honda's "Impossible Dream". Nice. Hopefully nobody notices some minor scratches that our filming thing left on this piece of advertising goodness. Here is the film: And here is the bloke who writes this blog wearing it and trying to not look like dumb while smoking his cigarette.
The Impossible Helmet.
Okay. That's it with twitter from Wieden's right now. Time for a nice little note. If you are in London this weekend take your last chance to see this exhibition:
It's Illustrate 07 and it's brilliant. A myriad of different illustration techniques and styles worth a tube ride to Holloway Road. From Jon Burgerman to (my absolute favourite) Tim Ellis you eyes will rapidly rush from the right to the left to the top to the bottom and won't ever get enough. Go. And if you can't then feel invited to take a look at some of the pictures I took while visiting rooms with my not too small too be big Nina. You can find them on my flickr here. If you like to know more about Designersblock just click the exhibition poster above.
Designersblock Illustrate 07
Designersblock Illustrate 07
Designersblock Illustrate 07
Designersblock Illustrate 07

Friday, September 7


As some of you may noticed I moved to London on Saturday to be a WKsider (or "Siders" or "Sidies" as the nice bunch here calls us) at Wieden+Kennedy for 3 month. As we are quite overwhelmed by nearly everything I just copy and paste from the nice and worth-a-read blog of lovely new side-home. If you want to read the original stuff you can find it here and here.
Not to forget: thanks a lot for all the lovely comments. You know who you are and you are great.

And, well, here we are:




And, well, that stupid looking German bloke.

In the news.

It's been nearly two weeks so this is really old news, but the olvely copywitress Elena and me made it into Hamburg's big newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. We picked up our Cannes Lions the night before and were photographed because we fitted into the "are you young and unknown? not famous?"-search of the photographer quite well.
It was a really nice evening and I went up on stage with the lovely Google client, Mr Krainer, who was really excited and happy about the award. It was great to see and especially hear him repeating "that"s so cool" the whole evening. So, any Germans in here? Then here is the full article featuring a dull quote by the bloke who writes this blog.

Commercial of the Week: Coca Cola.

A lot of new, amazing and exciting things happen at the moment so there is a real delay in writing posts and stuff but I hope it will get better soon. So don't be mad it will change, hopefully. Until then I am happy to bring the "Commercial of the Week" back on track. Well, while everybody is discussing the Gorilla ad by Cadbury's (check YouTube or Marcus' blog) I think it's not deserved the title. But the new commercial or, to be more precise, movie for Coke does. It's the next sequel of well-known, brilliant and lovely "Happiness Factory". Just have a look. It's worth it. Word.

Sunday, September 2

A question of good taste.

There is a application on facebook that is called Compare People. And that's basically what you do. On a late Saturday evening when you have nothing to do it offers approximately 30 minutes of fun. Only fun? No, sometimes it will leave you speechless. Just like the question below. My eyes, my fingers, my mind and the rest of my body were simply unable to do a proper judgement. So, ladies and gentlemen, please sharpen you comments and let your opinion do the