Friday, September 7

In the news.

It's been nearly two weeks so this is really old news, but the olvely copywitress Elena and me made it into Hamburg's big newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt. We picked up our Cannes Lions the night before and were photographed because we fitted into the "are you young and unknown? not famous?"-search of the photographer quite well.
It was a really nice evening and I went up on stage with the lovely Google client, Mr Krainer, who was really excited and happy about the award. It was great to see and especially hear him repeating "that"s so cool" the whole evening. So, any Germans in here? Then here is the full article featuring a dull quote by the bloke who writes this blog.


Blogger Tim said...

Na Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Das war hoffentlich nicht der letzte :)

9:01 pm, September 07, 2007  
Anonymous elaine said...

aber, hey, schau genau hin: die headline über dem artikel ist quasi von uns!

7:04 pm, September 09, 2007  
Anonymous °flo said...

Glückwunsch! Auch zu W+K!
Sehr geil. Werde das hier genau verfolgen...

Grüße aus D-Dorf!

7:42 pm, September 09, 2007  

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