Monday, November 19

A new, shiny, grown-up home.

This is my last post. Not the last forever but the last on this blog. It all started with no clue and some pennies of passion. It ended up being 138 posts and 317 comments. But the best part is the lovely bunch of nice people I met. And a great opportunity that came along.

Unfortunately I am always kind of restless, desperately need continous change and so this blog is moving to a new home. It will look different and maybe will be a bit more grown-up. With a childish view on thing. The bloke who writes it will definitely be the same. Hopefully all of you will be there, too.

Tuesday, November 13

Hooray. Double-Hooray.

Originally we WKsiders were supposed to stay until the end of November at Wieden+Kennedy London. But as we got some projects going on until the end of the year today we were offered to stay until the end of the year. Amazing, another month together with this lovely bunch here.

Because of these brilliant news and to console myself from the sad fact that it means I will be separated from the girl I love for another month, the girl in me bought a pair of shoes. I hunted them for quite a while because they aren't available everywhere nowadays but I found them in Berlin (well, actually on the website of the nice people from Nort). Nice?

For the sneaker freaker or (for Will who always reminds me that we don't say sneaker but trainer in Britain) the trainer brainer: It's the NIKE Air Max 1 Premium Leather in black/black/medium grey/metallic gold.

Monday, November 12

Preparing to move: Hail to democracy.

As some of you may know or have read in the comment section of on of Rob's posts that I misused for my own purposes, for a while I have been thinking about moving this blog to wordpress. Not because I don't like blogger but because I think that wordpress has become more convenient and offers less ugly design templates. Don't know if the move is a good idea, if not I always can return to this home. Anyway, I have been struggling finding a name for the wordpress-blog as is given away (actually to me, but I deleted it ages ago after doing the thing on blogger and as cruel as the wordpress rules are, it is gone forever now).
Okay. After being offered some rather interesting and some tad German cliché ideas over on Rob's blog (thank you Andy) the whole thing went into a tiny little corner of my brain and now it is back. Three suggestions.
Now here comes the democratic part:

You choose the name.

Simply click on one of the names (hopefully the one you like most) and the website that has the most page loads in a one week's time is the winner*.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

*It's not public just because it would be absolutely embarrasing to make it public how few people actually read this shit.

Thursday, November 8

Honestly, read this. It may prevent you from going into that wrong direction you're up to now.

This is Yoshi. He's not a toad. I like him but he belongs to Nintendo.

So you may read this because you really want to get into this exciting Web 2.0 thing and hope there is some *kaching* in for your company or agency. Because all the marketers talk about. Or agency heads. Or you client asks for it. Whoever of these you are you should definitely read this, this and this. It's true and simply common sense. And over all it's written by a very smart guy who knows what he's talking about. Go there, lean back in your othopaedically shaped chair and soak up what Marcus has to say.