Saturday, May 19

Update on the scary WK London thing.

The nice people at Wieden+Kennedy London, in person of Neil Christie, have written a post about the painting. Brilliant. There are some nice comments on it, some critical stuff and an interesting and quite supporting rant by Mr Campbell. Thanks, Rob (and everybody else who wrote something. Supporting or critizising.). Though I have to say, that maybe there is some misunderstanding in the aim of the painting. It was not supposed to scare Wieden+Kennedy. It was more some kind of personal journey. Because I was scared to do this thing and finally did some piece of work I like and what I think has some kind of meaning and message. Maybe not only to me. I was scared but I have turned it into something good and meaningful. That's why scare is what you make of it. And that's why it's not supposed to scare somebody. It's supposed to leave a "you're so right. love it.". Nothing more, nothing less. Though it is supposed to open one or two doors as well. Preferably the one to the office of Kim and Tony, ha (Neil said the picture is standing around somewhere there now).

Though while checking pros and cons about what I did, I have to say that it's maybe a bit too complicated to get at first glance. You have to check this website to understand everything (start at the bottom, that should help as well). And busy people don't have the time. Though if you're interested have a look. On all the important thinks are linked (my two blogs, my pieces of work, my email). And you can see the post on WIeden+Kennedy London's nicely written blog by clicking on the picture below. And if you have some minutes take a look and the other interesting things they write. Or maybe tell them to hire the charming and brilliant bloke who is writing this blog.


Blogger Maven said...

Been strolling around the net this afternoon and stumbled across your blog and read your post about W+K. Nothing much to say except; keep trying, patience and discipline is the key! Good luck to you!!

7:14 pm, May 25, 2007  

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