Wednesday, May 16

iPod Singing reloaded.

After posting "Countryhouse" by Blur and the incredible torturing (my singing, not theirs) "Never Forget" by Take That, we had some sort of iPod Singin party at our office. The videos were posted by iPod Singing-inventor Marcus but as you all know he deleted his old blog. That's why I am posting the videos here. To give all of you some cause to take the mickey out of me and maybe to get some of you to do it again (Rob, I am waiting for you to do Freddy Mercury's "Living on my own"). But first here is what we did (I included some introduction to the people):

Please welcome a new iPod Singing hope. He's a copywriter, he's from Austria, his name is Johannes and he's doing "Rebell Yell" by Billy Idol.

The next song will be cool. Because it's "Daddy Cool". Sung by the first copywriting boy band of iPod Singing. That's some heavy Boney M.

A bit later the copywriting iPod singing Austrian-German duo returned to perform as Ms Kylie Minogue and Mr Robbie Williams. Ladies and gentlemen: "Kids".

Please welcome another heroic duo of iPod Singing. They are one online specialst and one copywriter merged together in one song: "Radio Gaga" by Queen.

Some hours, many beers and a few cigarettes later, the duo of copywriters returned for their final appearance as the Beastie Boys. Maybe you won't understand our singing craftmanship, but it's "Sabotage".

I hope this stuff doesn't make me and them come across as some sort of a geeky, crazy, stupid and awkward bunch of people. Though maybe we are. No. No? Right? Could somebody please say a nice thing or two?


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