Thursday, May 10

The Return of the APSotW.

Account Planning School of the Web, Advertising (Planning) School of the Web, or however you might call it, is back. Russel, planning-blog-guru of the web, has handed over the ceptre to Rob, opinionated sod at cynic. Because Rob was not amused about Marcus using this picture I have put together some new ones. So, everybody, this is Rob:
Rob has put together, or as he said begged and bribed together, a bunch of excellent people who will judge the assignments together with him. Here's a list:

Emma, the Global Planning Director of BBH
Arun, Deputy Editor of MEDIA Magazine
Niku, Managing Partner at Naked
Jonathan, Global Researcher at Virgin
Ian, an Inventor at ?WHATIF!
Sarah, a member of Apple's amazing product design team
Andy, the Global CD of cynic

By now the task seems to be great and Rob has given some helpful hints on how to approach it. It's all about making Hummer the number one 4x4 vehicle for men. So give it a go, read the assignment here, join APSotW today, work hard, work very, very hard, have fun, learn stuff and make Rob and his glorious bunch happy and proud. Thanks for attention'n'stuff.



Blogger Maria Papoila said...

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Blogger Waldemar said...

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