Monday, January 22

Everything you'll ever need to sell Maple Syrup.

Finally we got our feedback for the Maple Syrup Assignment and it took Russell a lot of work to go through over 50 entries. None the less he somehow managed to give feedback to every submission what is brilliant. To give you a quick reminder, here are my five propositions:

Makes Mondays Sundays.
Tops everything.
Made in Trees.
Make up the wake up.
The only thing Canada is famous for.

And here is Russell's feedback:
‘Made In Trees’ isn’t especially original or motivating but it’s very boldly, nicely and simply stated so it ends up being quite powerful. More of a tagline than an idea, but it’s connotations are interesting. ‘Tops everything’ is actually a good strategy, one that not many people have thought about – let’s get out of pancakes and point out that you can use maple syrup on all sorts of stuff. Good one.

But as Russell suggested it's not only his feedback we should learn from but all the other entries and ideas. And it is more than interesting to read the propositions of my 50 classmates. Here they are. Read them all. It's worth it.


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