Saturday, October 20

A late goodbye, luv.

Last Sunday was the very, very, very (increasing accentuation) last day in London for this wonderful young lady:
Havana Cigars Sold Here.The next big thing: wear headphones, even if there's no music on.

That's why on Friday some nice chaps, mostly followers of the "wear headphones around your neck...and let them be big ones" gang met in Soho to celebrate the day before the day before the day of Lauren leaving London (woo, a triple allitaration. We had a nice time, behaved stupidly (see previous post) and then went back to bed. Only to meet at Waldemar's party (nice flat, mate) again. Only to meet on Sunday afternoon around Harrod's area (posh isn't it?) to have our final cup of coffee.
Will and me accompanied Lauren to the tube station and into her train. While walking back Will nearly stepped onto something very familiar. Lauren's glasses. Brilliant. Two men, dressed in coats run along the platform...just like in a bad James Bond movie. We met at the next station and had our really. really last goodbye.
Lauren two.Who's that lady staring into the camera? I don't know. was a short but great time. I enjoyed the few evenings and days we had and really miss you. Hopefully Meike and me can make it to Australia next year, so we can meet again. Now this may sound pathetic, but it's wonderful to know you and I am looking forward to see you again. Because there aren't many people like you around. Bussi, du Flachpfeife.


Blogger lauren said...

Oehmchen!! i've got a hard-ass repuation to keep up - how am i gonna do that when i shed a tear reading this post?! I miss you and your suuuper hugs too and if you guys don't come visit soon, i'll be really cross! Show London how it's done mr,,,

2:17 pm, October 21, 2007  

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