Thursday, August 16


Today our agency received an offer from a company called dynetic. It was immediately send to everybody in the agency to see if they would be interested to meet them. So, what can I say. It's alluring, isn't it?

"... dynetic is the technological leading soaftware specialist for mobile content-transcoding, -adaption, -rendering und -delivery – and that world wide. Our solutions enable you to provide any kind of content and websites of your clients to more than 4.800 mobile end devices easily and efficient while using optimized standards. Optional we offer you to access our whole range of attendance of dynetic for development and operation of mobile services. We made international top brands - from a variety of sectors - like eBay, AOL, Spiegel, freenet, ADAC, kicker, Maggi or RTL mobile thanks to our mobile-technology emoveo UAP. It potentiates the optimized delivery of content such as text, picture, website content, video streams or audio podcasts to mobile end devices as well as the provision of messaging services (SMS/MMS) or java clients. Now together with you, agency, we want to make more top brands mobile..."


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