Tuesday, July 10


Today was a busy day. That's why I got the best news so late. But from the 3rd of September I will take part in WKside 3. That's so great and I am very happy and looking forward to work with great people in a great agency. It will be a huge change for me. A new country, new people, new streets, new everythings. An exciting time to come. Thanks to everyone who supported me in this thing. My lovely girlfriend, Marcus, Rob, Will, Lauren, Rob, Andy, Dan, Paul and all those who always had nice words of warmness and support for me. You are great and I hope to meet you in September for a beer or two. And I am really excited to get to know the other three WKsiders. So say hello. I am excited and happy. Cheers.


Anonymous Marcus said...

This makes me very, VERY happy. I'm very proud of you Seb. Well done, you nailed.

8:07 am, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Tim said...

Well done. And a little sad now that I am moving to Hamburg I thought we should do coffee mornings more regular. Nevertheless best of luck at WKSide

8:45 am, July 10, 2007  
Anonymous Paul H. Colman said...

Well done mate.

10:08 am, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Lisa Breslin said...

Congratulations Seb, it's nice to see someone follow their dreams and actually make it! Best of luck when you start in September, I hope you still find time to blog.

12:35 pm, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Will said...

Well done mate. We shall have to have some beers soon.

2:23 pm, July 10, 2007  
Anonymous Michael said...

Congratulations!! I´m sure you will have a great time and will be an experience to remember. Keep us posted. :)

5:24 pm, July 10, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations Seb, you're gonna have a great time, it was good to meet you on the day - Elliott

7:44 pm, July 10, 2007  
Blogger Age said...

Nice work Seb, I hope your hangover passes in good time!!


1:26 am, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Doug said...

awesome mate. great news.

10:09 am, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Christos said...

Hey man Congrats!!!! for the victory kudos 4 you make some magic there. I wish we could be together in the Side but that's life. Well done. I might be in New York on the 31 but if i'm not we should def. go for beers with Waldemar and celebrate your victory :D London is waiting for you.

7:00 pm, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

thanks a lot everyone. michael, elliott are you two or one of you in? and tim, when will you move to Hamburg? there is some time left and maybe we at least can get started with coffee morning. lisa, I will definitely get on with my blog, just because I met a lot of nice people thanks to it. and age, don't worry, my hangover is tiptoeing away. again, thanks everybody. you're bloody tops.

7:00 pm, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

Christos, thanks a lot. honestly I wish everybody from that room would have made it because all were great. but I know you'll make it. and hopefully you're not in NY then...they have crap beer over there, so be in London.

7:06 pm, July 11, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, unfortunately I didn't make it so it's 'chin up' and on to the next thing! Your pics of the day were good to see – I look like I'm about to commit suicide in one of them though!

Good luck with everything Seb, I bet you can't wait til September


7:56 pm, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Christos said...

i think the proper song for Seb with a couple of changes would be...

Summer can’t wait to pass
The innocent can never last
wake me up when this august ends
wake me up when this august ends
wake me up when this august ends

8:18 pm, July 11, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

thanks a lot Elliott. it's a bummer that you're not on the WKside thing. you managed to put Peel in our presentation!

10:28 pm, July 11, 2007  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Seb, no luck for me this time, but I´m planning on perhaps moving to London in the near future. I miss the rain...! :D

Sorry to hear you didn´t get in either Elliot. That pic of you is quite funny.... must have been towards the end of the exhausting day.

12:54 am, July 12, 2007  
Blogger Ben Terrett said...

Great news. Well done.

6:51 pm, July 12, 2007  
Blogger lauren said...

hey seb! i sent you mail, but you might be away. anyway, we all hung out with nina tonight!! she's part of the gang now and we had such a great time! catch up in a few weeks' time!

1:16 am, July 19, 2007  

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