Monday, July 2

Can anything be beautiful?

For their third WKside intermezzo Wieden+Kennedy asked to give a digital answer to the question "Can anything be beautiful?" while submissions somehow had to be interactive. Anyway I couldn't resist and did an asnwer on a blog that you can find here: The basic ideas was that everything can be bautiful if you try to make it beautiful. The blog gave examples on how to make ordinary things in your daily life more beautiful starting with the simplest of the simplest. Some of those things were "Parkbench Makeover", "Garbage Can Thingies" and "Analog Pixel Walls" that were documented on videos as the one you can see below (thanks to Marcus for musical geniusness). The nice people at Wieden+Kennedy somehow must slightly have liked that stuff and sent me an invitation to an interview for WKside this Wednesday. So, if anyone fancies a coffee in the afternoon, I will be in London for one day.


Blogger Waldemar said...

yes, gimme a call on 07783198978, we can meet near wiedens office, i live round there!

7:35 pm, July 03, 2007  

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