Friday, June 22

Damocles is a 10k.

I don't know why, but it happened. In a moment of total overestimation of my own capabilities I said "yes" when Elena asked me, if I would join the agency's team for the yearly 10k run around the Alster (a lake right in the middle of Hamburg). Hello brain? Anybody at home up there? Did I forgot that I only have about 2 months training time left and Nike+ friendly reminded me that my current running capability is this? Right now I just can hope that Elena did not lie when she said, she's not a runner as well. And the only thing left as well is run, run and run. In the hope I am not the last bloody fool to arrive at the finish line. Well, cross your fingers that on the 9th of September Mr. "Yeah, I started running two weeks ago but 10k won't be a problem, haha" will be prepared enough to do this. Why I couldn't have kept my mouth close?


Anonymous neilperkin said...

Best of luck. I did my first 10K last year and actually managed to finish before they packed up the finish line.

11:02 pm, June 26, 2007  

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