Thursday, June 21

Being art.

So what did you do last weekend? Watched football? Went shopping? Re-sorted your record collection by year and in alphabetical order? Hosted a big summer starting barbeque? Worked in the garden? Washed your car? Well, last weekend I was art. Only for one minute, but I was. Because my lovely girlfriend, my old creative whatever-head, his lovely wife and the little output of their love, called Lenny, went to the Erwin Wurm Exhibition at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. In the middle of the hall Mr. Wurm put some stuff to get involved with while being photographed. It's a thing called "One minute sculptures". Here you can see one of the objects: We joined and had some fun. And furthermore had our three minutes of being art objects: One Minute Sofa. One Minute Sofa Group.
One Minute Conception of the Divine. If you are near or think about going to Hamburg, go and see the exhibition. It's really great. My favourite Erwin Wurm piece of work is this one. I think it's called something like "The man who ate the world and the man who ate the world when it still was a disc". Great. In the background of the picture you can see another instalation, the fat house. Though I think the most widely known piece of work he did is a music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers which basically is a video of the band doing some "One minute scultptures" with really ordinary objects. Again, visit the exhibition. And if you don't have the chance to come to Hamburg at least visit the website of Erwin Wurm where you can see some pieces of his work. Some beautiful pieces like the ones below. Thanks for your interest.
Legal Disclaimer: No, Lenny did not drink from the toilet cleaner bottle.


Blogger Lisa Breslin said...

I love it! I was at the Glasgow School of Art degree show at the weekend, and their street party (I don't know if you could call that 'being art' though).

When is the exhibition on until?

4:59 pm, June 21, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

the exhibition is open until September, 2nd. as I said, if you have the chance, take it.

5:05 pm, June 21, 2007  

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