Friday, June 1

At the studio.

So I have been caged at the studio for two days. Cutting a commercial that is not mine but I somehow was made one of the people in charge of post-producing it. Glory, glory, hallelujah. At the studio. During the day a lot of overpaid people are sitting around in the avid room, surfing eBay and pretending they are quite busy working on other clients. No, honestly, these people are working. Trying to get new 3D-animations from there to here and other quite important stuff, I guess. At the studio. And as always the lovely people at the postproduction company will serve a huge amount of calories pressed into cookie dough and plastic foil. That's really caring and nice but will end up in getting fat. Or staying. Thank god I only ate one muffin and drank a bottle of water. Back at the agency now. Hopefully losing some calories by doing some work. At the studio.


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