Monday, April 16


After cutting stencils for 2 hours it's a bit frustrating that I used them for at least 5 minutes of spray painting. Now the beginning is made. Next will be giving each bubble a different happy face. This is scheduled for tomorrow evening and night. Let's see. Any suggestions, support, help, critic from the artist in you? Any helpful comment is welcome. Thanks for attention and stuff.


Blogger Waldemar said...

looks good so far, personnaly i would have left more space on the left and right, but maybe you could cut away some top and bottom to make it a more interesing format. curious to see the happy faces

10:45 am, April 16, 2007  
Blogger Charles Frith said...

Swarozvki crystal faces? Bling man!

11:38 am, April 16, 2007  
Blogger JEFF said...

Hey Seb ! That's a pretty cool "new rave" stuff ! Hold on ! can't wait to see it done !
My word is "infinity", it was very scarying to decide but it s done and i m happy with the result !
tschüss !

5:14 pm, April 19, 2007  

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