Saturday, April 14

This is getting scary.

Okay. After rumbling with myself and a pretty hard working week today I started to let things get scary. If you take a look at the right top of this blogs' sidebar you may find the word "copywriter". That's what I am usually doing. But since I started to work in advertising I disappointed every art director I had by doing layouts as well. I thought it would be helpful. They thought I would disrespect their work. Hm. No. Anyway I usually do the writing stuff for our ideas. So this time I will do something I've never done again since I left 4th grade. I will do some painting stuff for some people over there in London. The first thing I got, was some acrylic colours (thanks for help, Marcus), brushes, some glue and tape.
I have no trust in canvas. So I bought a thin wooden plank to paint on. It's about 90 to 70 cm. If you wonder why the newspaper under the thing is taped: I will do the painting work next to a big panorama view window. To get some of the sun of this beautiful summer's day.
Nevertheless I simply can't draw and paint. That's why I am doing some planning and things on my new MacBook. Got it when I was in Zurich. Beautiful little machine. Then I will have some stencils of the work I am doing digitally and will use them on my wooden blank. Let's see. All that may sound very amateurish to the artist branch (hello Lauren, hello Marcus) but as I said: I am a copywriter that has never done something like this. And honestly I am a bit scared that I will fu&%$ it up. Will post some progress later. Hopefully.


Blogger lauren said...

a suggestion, seb. if i may.
buy two boards and prime them both.
fuck one up and work on the other one.

6:25 pm, April 14, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

Lauren, thanks for your help. The problem is that I won't get a second board because shops are closed now. But I will practice on cardboard.

7:12 pm, April 14, 2007  

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