Saturday, April 7

Snapshot Saturday.

Over the last weeks I slightly forgot my "let's get some structure into this blog" ideas but maybe they were born dead from the beginning. Nevermind here is the return of the Snapshot Thursday which has become a Snapshot Whenever-I-Have-Time-Day. Anyway. Before I went to Zurich we had a good week at the agency. Or to be more specific not at the agency. Because Nina and me decided that it would be a great idea to work outside. In the sun.
Working outside.
So we went to the "Amphore". A cafe, bar, restaurant and whatever. From there we had a nice view of the harbour. And some delicious pizza, panino and chilled drinks.
View from Amphore.Harbour seen from Amphore.
Nina turned herself into Gretl. I like it a lot when she has braids. Sweet, isn't it? By the way you can see our creative directors in the background. Sven is the art part with the bald head on the left. On the right you can see Lorenz, the copywriter, who is called Lawrence by our clients. We don't know why. Maybe they are fans of Peter O'Toole.
So after this great but stressful week I went to visit my mate Hannes in Zurich as some of you might have read on this blog. Zurich view, again.
Zurich is a lovely and nice city. They might be known for cheese and chocolate but they should be known for their hairdressers. This was a shop packed with old guitars, pictures and stuff. And it had a nice moped in front of their window.
Outside a Hairdresser.
Hannes got me my new MacBook. So we started to play around with photo booth. Don't we look like a painting of Picasso next to a proboscis monkey? Sorry for this comparison, Hannes. Hannes and Seb
Thought this would be a nice angle to photograph a statue. Riding the sky.
Only in Zurich it's okay for Cartier to have an advert with a lepard. Though Hannes said that he liked it because you don't see a woman walking through a city with a lepard that often. Oh, really? How come? Cartier in Zurich.
After some adventurous walking thought the city Hannes took me to some location called Bierhalle. Hannes at the Bierhalle.
We had some great food. Here you can see Schweinsleberli with Roesti. Was good. Just like a mum would have done it. Not mine, but some Swiss mum. Hmm, food.
In Zurich they don't have a Metro. Everyone is using the Tram. And it was great. It felt that the Tram driver was using his hands to steer the thing. Not a computer. Was a nice feeling. Quite antique and oldschool. Like you don't get something from an assembly line but something hand crafted. Nice. On the Tram.
A lot of buildings in Zurich look very arty. Maybe it's because in Switzerland they have a feeling for art direction and architecture. This is the Museum of Design. They had some great exhibitions there. Museum für Kunst und Gestaltung
Here you can see a small part of their exhibition, the winning entries of a competition called "50 years of Helvetica". As the name says it's all about this nice and simple typeface. The one on the lower left side has a really nice headline about the designer's relationship to Helvetica:
"It's like runnning into an old girlfriend and being surprised at how attractive and sophisticated she still is."
50 years of Helvetica.
In the museum there were a lot of screens and headphones and like children always do this boy just sat down on the floor and watched and listend. Just nice. Established a nice feeling of being home at a museum. Boy in museum.
As I said the Swiss people have an instinct for nice graphic design. So even the signs of laundry shops look nice. Laundry.
Here are some more pictures of Hannes. One day he will be a well known architect. Believe me, he will be. But now he's just a true friend and it's fun to spend time with him. By the way, he looks like a brother or at least family member of SACRUM, doesn't he? Hannes. A small shop that does only stock condoms. And it's not situated in some sort of red light district but in the old and beautiful part of Zurich. Lovely. Condomeria.
To finish this post here is my daily view out of the window of Hannes' appartement. It was great to wake up in a big city where you open the window in the morning and can take a deep breathe of fresh air you'll only find in the mountains. View from Hannes appartement.
Okay. That's it with Snapshots for today. If you like to see more lovely pictures from Zurich or Nina and me just visit my flickr. I will go to Sylt until Monday so there will be no posting and commenting. Blogfree time. Somehow it feels sad. But I will be back on Monday evening. Have a wondeful easter eggy weekend and thanks for the attention.


Anonymous Honassis said...

P.S. You can hire me for nude advertising shots too: 1-800-slingalongdong

1:09 pm, April 10, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

oh, Hannes is sharpening his pencil of humor. unfortunately you got the wrong one. please put the "lame joke that doesn't even work when drunk"-pencil back into the drawer and try another one.

2:10 pm, April 10, 2007  
Blogger Waldemar said...

ah, more snapshots :D love em!
does kolle rebbe have a blog? otherwise i'd love to see more pictures from the agency :)

6:52 pm, April 11, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

no, no blog. will send you some pictures of our new rooms. so how is BMB?

7:08 pm, April 11, 2007  

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