Sunday, April 15

From Failure to Planning.

Yesterday around 10 pm I horribly failed in my painting process. A lack of knowledge in chemistry and physics destroyed two hours of work (paper, wet can imagine). With a knife I tried to save the work but I failed again. But it's okay. It will be the "failure...embrace it"-back of the thing. After work I returned. And I had my "doing the painting"-shirt with me. As Lauren suggested in her comment on my last painty post I got myself a cardboard to try colours and just screw it up and see what happens. Just look: While thinking about how to start I discovered an old, dusty box with spray cans. Great. I missed to buy some so I was thankful. Until now I don't know if the colours are still okay. They seem to be very old because they still had pre-Euro price tags. Right now I am doing drawings to get an idea of what I can arrange around my scary centre of the painting and to get out what ideas or bits and pieces to keep or to abolish. Here you can see some of the drawings I did. They were done quick-handed just to get the feeling of it. And as I said before: I am a copywriter that can't draw. This whole process is strange, scary and I completely enjoy it. There are a lot of ideas in my head and I feel overwhelmed but planless as well. Where to start? What goes in, what not?


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