Saturday, April 28

DHL is the devil.

Brilliant. I have finished my painting stuff and am happy as happy can be. Nobody can interrupt this feeling of total happiness. Noone except DHL. It's impossible for them to get a painting of 90 to 70 to 4 cm to fucking London. Hello? Why does fucking DHL own a fleet of trucks, Boeing 747s and probably ships? To carry postcards? Or to just show off? Listen, why it's possible to get a 120 to 60 to 60 cm box that weights 35 kilogramme to every goddamn place in the world? And why then it's not possible to get a smaller painting that probably weights 1 kilogramme only because it has 10 cm more on one side (and instead 30 and 50 cm less on the other two sides) to London? Hello? Hello-ho?!
You know, what DHL? I don't give a fuck about you as much as you don't give a fuck about me. Because I now will ship with the lovely and helpful people at UPS. It did cost me some hours because they usually serve this stuff only to commercial clients but I managed to solve this problem thanks to Meike's dad (Thank you very much, Pete). And by the way: they charge 50% less than you would have. Now I just hope that they won't fuck it up as you did. Thanks for the attention.


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