Sunday, April 15

Commercial of the Week: Volkswagen.

I like to watch commercials. Especially when they are well done. That's why I thought about honouring commercials that I really like on this blog. Hopefully I will manage to do this every week. That's why it's called "Commercial of the Week". Maybe some of them are not the latest ones, please forgive if that may happen. The first in row to deflower this new category is Volkswagen with a commercial for the Tuareg. Usually SUV commercials will show the car rushing and fighting it's way through the irrepressible wilderness of nature. Brilliant, it is what they are made for. But none the less it's like showing a washing machine while washing. DDB Amsterdam did it differently for the Volkswagen Tuareg. No daredevil drinving scene, no serpentine, no 70 degree ascent. Just a man talking about how easy he could overcome this obstacles. Then why he doesn't demonstrate it? Watch:

Agency: DDB Amsterdam
Production Company: CZAR, The Netherlands
Director: Bart Timmer
DoP: Lex Brand


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