Thursday, March 29

Off to Switzerland.

I am going to Zurich over my long weekend to visit my mate Hannes (if you like search the comments for "Hannonymous" or something like that, but in general every improper comment is from Hannes). So the next post, if there will be a post, will be from Switzerland. Perhaps I finally will post that life- or at least mind-changing thing I am talking about for some time when mentioning Marcus and that person I can't mention here. When there is no post on Saturday or Sunday, Lauren, could you please kick my backside (like you did for that Culture Jamming post). Thanks for your attention. I will bring cheese and chocolate. What a nice combination.


Blogger Marcus Brown said...

Have fun. Get some rest.

1:49 pm, March 29, 2007  
Blogger Waldemar said...

Enjoy switzerland! I'm curious about your mind chaning thoughts!

6:18 pm, March 29, 2007  
Blogger lauren said...

this is me kicking your arse, seb. although with the time-zone thing, i may be a little premature.

i never realised how beautiful the swiss flag is in RGB.

5:38 am, March 31, 2007  

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