Monday, March 12

My twitter is ill.

Tried to update my twitter. It didn't work. Neither on the net nor via mobile. Things like this usually make me angry. So a grumpy Seb clicked around on his twitter-thing and went mad using swearwords and stuff. But then a small yellow area sprang to my eyes.

Isn't that sweet? From 100 to 0 in about one second. My twitter is ill. This message turns some stupid binary codes into a good friend. It's nice and friendly. And above all: human. That's why Microsoft Windows always will be an unfriendly binary code. Wonder if Apple could find some nicer words for Macs as well. Like "Nap" instead of "Standby" or "Say goodbye" instead of "Quit". Anyway that twitter message perhaps turns me into someone actually reading their newsletter. I never read that email some lovely person at twitter kept to send in unsteady intervals. But after noticing this message I think I'll probably read the next one. Definitely. Maybe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your brand new black apple just arrived and is kept in the wrinkeled yet trustful hands of my 87 year- old neighbor Mrs. Rüttiman. It was delivered by the just as tustful hands of Evram, the local UPS- guy and is now waiting to be switched on by you and fed with the web`s best porn!

Have fun,


6:51 pm, March 14, 2007  

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