Monday, March 19


Nina, my small and lovely art directress, is not at the office. Because of working on the weekend she missed her flight to London on sunday but managed to rebook it to this morning at around 6 am. As always when she's not at the agency I am in a bad mood and slightly bored. No one can say "Oehmchen!", this wonderful misspelling and defigurement of my surname, in a sweeter voice than her. And nobody is allowed by the way.
Therefore, people from London, if you see a very small girl scuffing down Oxford Street today it might be Nina. Say hello and give her a nudge. And just in case you're not from London visit her blog and kick her backside in the comment section for being to lazy to do her first real post (you may also use this comment thing to leave some words of admiration for the sweet blog title, must have been the idea of a smart copywriter...).



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