Friday, March 16

Dear Mr. Chief of the Freshly Squeezed Happy Fruit Bunch.

My xing thingy some days ago told me that today is your birthday. Hopefully you were honest while filling out the form and xing is right. Anyway I thought it would be nice to post some words of warmness. And maybe you, lovely reader of this blog, have a minute to leave some nice words of congratulation in the comments pop up as well. But now let's raise our slightly chilled innocent drink to the Shakespeare of the strawberry smoothie, the master of the lychee limerick, the ruler of the raspberry rhyme. Dan, I am glad to have met you, blogwise, thanks to some posting about Canon Cable Chaos. And I hope to meet you soon to have a nice coffee or beer and chatting'n'stuff. Because you're a really nice person. And because noone puns a peach like you do. So if you, fellow reader out there, see a bearded man loping down a London lane today, raise your hand in some sort of Black Power clenched fist salute and shout "Happy Birthday, Dan!" Maybe the man turns around and salutes back while smiling. Or visit Dan's blog and say hello.
So once again congratulations, Dan. All the best to you, your future, your daughter, wife, dog and fruits. And be sure my wishes are as healthy and innocent as the smoothie in your hand.
Happy Birthday, Dan.


Blogger Charles Frith said...

oh, any excuse for a clenched fist salute, works for me :)

12:33 am, March 18, 2007  

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