Wednesday, February 14


So by chance you stumbled over this blog. And you are bored instantly. When you now think about leaving this blog use the holy and linked Christ on the right and join the king of the culinary sausage club in his fight against american bacon. Vote. Jesus would do. Unfortunately you love this blog and don't want to leave to vote? Brilliant. For those of you lovely people I handcrafted the voting-badge into this blog, see below. By the way...after I got to know my 27 seconds visitor from Paris there is another person I really would like to get a "Hello!" from. It's my 23 hours 43 minutes and 17 seconds visitor from London. Dear Mr. Heavy Flatrater, I really appreciate your visit. It made me proud, it made me smile, it made me wonder "I wish I had that much time" and it made me think about statcounter having some system errors. But anyway I want to know who you are and I think it's my task to remind you to close your Mozilla 5.0 and shut down your system when leaving your Mac. For ecological reasons. To save some energy. And for wowee-ish reasons. To not make me think someone really spent 24 hours on my blog.

But now, let's get on with some heavy sausage voting. Marcus lives in Bavaria and therefore will be pretty disappointed if his voting results stay below 60%. So stand up for your Wiener. Or your Debrecziner. Or your Frankfurter. And maybe even for your Cabanossi.


Blogger Marcus Brown said...

excellent sausage action seb!

10:49 am, February 14, 2007  
Blogger Marcus Brown said...

vote works. good stuff seb.

12:24 pm, February 15, 2007  

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