Monday, February 26

To Google or not to Google.

Last year Nina and me did this outdoor campaign for our client Google or to be more precise for their video service Google Video. It even has made its way into flickr thanks to some nice people from Italy. Quite unexpected people started to forget about Brandenburger Tor and began to take pictures of their family members standing beind the frame. Berlin 0, Google 1. After our little discussion about showing ideas and talking about it I thought about starting to put more and more ideas and work on my blog. This is the first one. What do you think?

Google Video Street.
Google Video Airport.
Google Video Underground.
Google Video Brandenburger Tor.


Blogger Doug said...

excellent stuff. branded comms that actually gets people talking and interacting is a very powerful thing, and it looks as if you achieved just that!

would love to see more

PS. nice blog!

8:27 pm, February 27, 2007  

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