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Snapshot Thursday.

Every now and then I think about bringing some structure into this blog. With some sort of big idea that all posts allude to. While going through my 48 bookmarked blogs this somehow seems to be some kind of a movement among most of the blogging creatives...should we call it the "creativesphere" (hello, Mr. Huntington)? Niazipan has "an idea a day" and David & Phoebe have "what if they did" while Kristin & Waldemar and FIUYMI use it as some sort of diary of their daily creative lifes. Simon Veksner does it a bit different, he gives advice to young creatives like me. Haven't seen this on another creative blog so far. Anyway it seems like blogs about planning seem to be far more unstructured or open. You'll find posts about quite everything. Is it because as a planner you reach out and absorb every little inspiration that comes along the way and throw it out to somehow form an imaginative over-all-picture? And is it because as a creative you are driven by finding the big idea, the one that's brilliant? Or you are somehow forced to put an idea in everything you do? Hard to say. Nonetheless it's brilliant to find so many creative blogs. And I guess as in our daily agency life it was inspired by blogging planners like Russell, beeker and Richard. I think it's interesting to have this agency thing applied to blogging. The herd follows the shepherd.

I'm digressing a bit. The point is that I want to bring some unstructured structure into this blog. Don't want to apply a big overall idea here because all I could think of would be "one idea" or "what if" and that's what Niazipan and David&Phoebe are doing very well. No need for another one. Perhaps some ideas will pop up sometime. Let's see. Stop digressing, man. Okay. So I will start or reanimate some regulars. This will be the first. Let's call it Snapshot Thursday. Random pictures. A nice starter. The next will be to reanimate my friend Mr. Lee. Because I like him. Because he says things I don't want to hear. A nice side dish. Perhaps I will post some work I've done as well. But maybe I will hand this over to flickr and only post a link. Let's see if it will be a dessert. And the main course? Don't know. That's the unstructure in my structure. It will contain everything. Inspiration, stuff I did for APSotW and whatever crosses my way. Perhaps that's my big idea. To have none. Does this make sense? Let's see.

For now let's start with Snapshot Thursday.

So you are working in an advertising agency. You've seen everything. Logos, headlines, ads from Chile, clients, meeting rooms with a wide range of sparkling beverages and sandwiches, directors from Scandinavia, beautiful beaches with myriads of nearly undressed models. What's the thing that gets you off your desk, leaving layouts and headlines behind and rush to the window?
Office one starring.
Offices two and three starring.
A production company shooting a boring TV sequel for RTL? Yes, sometimes...
What they are starring at.
RTL shooting at our agency.
Another great part of being a creative is the opportunity to leave the agency at 12:30 pm for three hours to visit an exhibition in order to "get inspired" while planners are blogging or researching and client service people are on the phone and have to stay in their offices. Whereas "get inspired" most often does't happen while in an exhibition but while on the way to the exhibition. Anyway Toby and me visited the Thomas Hoepker Retrospective at the Museum of Arts and Commerce in Hamburg. Great exhibition, great photographer. Here you can see some random snaps (sorry for the strange perspectives but I had to be undercover because it wasn't allowed to take pictures).
Milka Cow featuring Toby.
This one was my favourite. Not only because of the picture but for it's description. "Muhammad Ali scared by a bee." Great. When you rhyme, rhyme the rhyme well.
Muhammad Ali scared by a bee.
The second part of random snaps:
Flag on head.
After numerous "Look, that's great!" and some heavy staring we had to take a break. Coffee and apple pie (Toby). Nice. Coffee and beef steak (me). Brilliant.
Coffee Break.
Afterwards we had a quick look at an exhibition of young fashion designers from Hamburg. I especially liked the flowery chairs though I never would have them in my living room. Would you?
Flowery chairs.
Here is the rest in a very random view.
View of the exhibition.
View of the exhibition.
Back at the agency I prepared an old LP cover as a birthday present for Basti. Long time ago we shared a flat and because he was a longtime friend of mine I decided to send him a very special present. This cover of a horrible piece of music by Johnny Sax (gues which instrument he's playing) used to be a poster in our hallway. Very 70ties.
And, a brilliant suprise, Nina came back from a photo shoot and decided to not take some days off (as she told me). I love her for not going on holidays because I hate it when she is not at the office.
Nina starring at screen.
Bob is a nice guy who helps us to present a mailing we did for Bisley.
Bob For Bisley.
An ashtray at the entrance of our metro station. Reminds me to quit smoking.
The don't have cigarettes in hell.
Mette is the british bulldog from the lovely guys and dolls at Markenfilm. She's adorable and fat and lazy and snores. Sorry for the last three, Mette.
A sign I found on Steinstraße. Who would sell his golden teeth?
This one's form last year but I forgot to post it. On my way back from the LIAA ceremony to my hotel I had to park the statues and the annual because they were a bit heavy. Unfortunately I put them next to an ad board for a gym. Anything left to say?
Everytime you pass a mirrow you have to look at it. Or take a photo.
Mirror Game.
Bum. That's Snapshot Thursday for this week.
Grafitti at Diebsteich.


Anonymous ana said...

Hi Seb,
I guess you're right. Maybe the reason why creatives don't blog as often and as 'openly' as planners is because we assume people expect nothing less than a brilliant idea a day coming from us.
So if we don't have a killer blog we fear readers might think we're not capable of coming up with killer work. And this sort of thinking takes away all the spontaneity and informality which blogging is all about.
Great blog by the way.

5:57 pm, February 15, 2007  
Blogger Marcus Brown said...

Good post seb. I used to be a creative and I blog. You have to accept the fact that you'll come up with rubbish and that that is ok. That's tricky for most creatives. Always too precious about what they do.

6:26 pm, February 15, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

Hmm. I completely understand your point Ana (welcome to my blog and thanks a lot by the way) and I totally agree with you Marcus (hello, how's sausage voting going?). Fear is a bad companion. I think if you present ideas in the internet it's just some sort of bigger meeting. And if you love your ideas what should go wrong? Probably a lot. Probably not. Probably people copy it. Probably you get feedback that helps to enhance it. On the website of Crispin Porter + Bogusky you can download their employees handbook. Some great thinking in there. One is that ideas are open to everybody. And that best ideas is boss. Wherever it may come from. Perhaps we shouldn't just start to blog because of some planners. Maybe we should start more open thinking as well. Let's just try. Should we? What could go wrong? Marcus, any guess?

11:58 pm, February 15, 2007  
Blogger Val said...

Hi Seb! Nice to see a blog from a hamburg creative! We both studied in hamburg as well and love this city. i agree with your thoughts, sometimes we wait for an idea to blog about but we should think more openly. The most difficult things is: to find an angle which is new and intersting for people to see/read. We haven't achieved it, it's just our diary, but we just love blogging and we try to do it for us rather than others (quite selfish isn't it?). Keep up the good writing, maybe a Hamburg Coffee morning sometimes when we're in town?


12:22 pm, February 16, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

Yeah, Hamburg Coffee Morning would be nice. Next city on Russell's masterplan to take over the...erm...coffeeshop world? I like your blog as well. How is it going at JWT?

2:13 am, February 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bashi,

your beautiful "After numerous "Look, that's great!" and some heavy staring we had to take a break. Coffee and apple pie (Toby). Nice. Coffee and beef steak (me). Brilliant."- picture reminds me strongly of a picture series I have seen on a site very similar to yours. You two seem to share the same spirit. Here it is:

12:17 pm, February 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ups, of course I don´t want to stay anonymous. It´s me, the nifty Hannes from Zurich

12:18 pm, February 19, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

wärst du nicht mein freund, würde ich das vakuum, das du dein hirn nennst, in einem luftballon in ein land schicken, welches der schönheit deines charakters und der schiefe deiner nase entspricht. nur leider fällt mir kein land ein, für das dieser vergleich nicht eine beleidigung wäre. by the way, compared to a site called this blog has to say this...content. bis demnächst in zurich, du kleine arschrampe.

12:29 pm, February 19, 2007  

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