Wednesday, February 21

Free ride on the bandwagon?

The friendly blokes at bandwagon not only offer a interesting and great service for all the people who love music and like to keep it but also a free account to everyone who somehow blogs and has a huge amount of iTunes stuff to backup. Just visit their blog and follow the instructions. Great idea though I can't imagine how this will work. But let's see.
bandwagon is up!


Blogger JEFF said...

Thank you for your link, mate ! I have to recognize that your blog is an influence which counted in the opening of mine. Still thank you.

6:07 pm, February 23, 2007  
Blogger Seb said...

Oh, Jeff, thanks a lot. It's a shame that since last week I didn't had time to blog all the stuff I wanted to get online but my clients and creative directors somehow manage to get me off blogging with all the jobs they throw into our office. Again thanks a lot and keep on with your blog stuff. By the way visit Russell. He's the guy that made me start blogging. He's as brilliant as brilliant can be.

6:15 pm, February 23, 2007  

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