Thursday, February 8

Call me Louisward Irvingville, please.

While trying to sum up a brilliant talk about blogs and TV vs. Internet I had with Toby last night, I stumbled across this post by Marcus. So for those of you who ever wondered what is behind the part I cut off the picture on the left, here is the answer. I am not sure about this Leslie Cheung and Frank Rijkaard-thing and not very proud of the Michael Stipe in my face (sorry, lovely REM-fan-blog-reader). On the otherhand I really like the idea of being a mixture of Edward Norton, Johnny Knoxville, Louis Pasteur and John Irving. But probably that's optimistic thinking because I find the idea of being a result of those four having a big night out consuming a wide range of drinks and, well, doing things I don't even want to think about quite scary.

How do I look like?


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