Monday, January 8

A town called "Home", part 2.

As I suggested a few weeks ago I returned to my hometown over Christmas and took another set of pictures. This time I wanted to show the beautiful and nice sights of Cottbus, but while rushing through the city I discovered that I really love the old, shabby and ugly bits that communism left there. It feels like a last breathe and memorial of those times that are, thank god, gone.

The real castle?
Tocotronic tag on Plattenbau.
The castle's watchtower.
The town hall.
The castle or something like that.
Anothernother Plattenbau
An old backyard.
The state bank of Brandenburg.
Another shabby Plattenbau.
Another Plattenbau.
Let's call it Diner.
The State Opera House.
Shabby house.
An industrial building.
One of the high streets.

If someone somehow wants to know something about the town I was born in, feel free to visit the web's home of Cottbus.

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