Monday, January 8

Aah, the joy of being home.

One of the best things when being home is that there are things that you probably won't find in one of those stereotype and superstylish ad-people-household. These things that are just great and somehow remind you of your childhood. One of those things I used while staying at the apartement of my grandparents: The egg cutter made in GDR.

Everyone who has a deep and loving relationship to sandwiches with egg (like I have) knows the wonderful thing this little thing can do. Perfectly cutting your egg into thin little slices of the same size. No knife, no bloody fingers...the tip of human inventiveness.

Step 1.
Egg Cutter, part 1.
Step 2.
Egg Cutter, part 2.
Aaah, brilliant.
the perfect Bread'n'Egg.


Anonymous dr hannes vu chur said...

Bashi, Du alter Eierfurz- das ist wiederlich.

1:43 pm, January 14, 2007  

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