Sunday, December 10

This Bud's For You Mr. Thieving Gipsy Fucker.

What do you do, when you are a retarded drunk bastard walking to the toilet and thinking about taking pictures of your crown jewels to scare the underaged friends of your little sister? Yeah, you search the jackets of people having a christmas party in the same club and steal some money to get even more pissed and, well, a camera to take some pictures. So Mr. I am to much of a sissy to beat people up in a dark street and that's why I steal the stuff when they don't see me: I hope you bought some really bad drinks with my € 100 and I think you had approx. 5 minutes of fun with my digital camera. With empty batteries and no power supply. But I give a big and lovely "Cheers!" to you, Mr. Charity Guy, because you left € 5 for me and my credit cards. So crack open a nice, cold Bud Light Mr. Quick-Handed Braveheart and give a warm welcome to the cheerful "Thanks" I am sending to you via internet.

This Bud's For You.



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