Monday, November 27

A town called "Home".

Because my grandma doesn't feel so well I went to my hometown over the weekend. Cottbus, around 100 kilometres in the southeast of Berlin. Call it East Germany or former German Democratic Republic. It's always a quite depressing feeling to go there because it feels like the city is dying.

But this time (maybe because I was sad because of my grandma) I found that there lies a lot of beauty in the ugliness of the town. It just depends on the way you look at it and on the light. By the way I discovered some decent grafittis. But now just enjoy the photos and by the next time perhaps I'll post pictures of the nice old part of Cottbus which is really beautiful indeed.

Skyline with Bridge
View from Bridge over Stadtpromenade
A dead Café named
The German Plattenbau
Gallery Carl Blechen
Grafitti at Stadtpromenade
Tagged Sign
Grafitti at Klosterstrasse
Bored Grafitti

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