Thursday, September 28

Why are you so afraid?

I don't know if ad agencies in England or the US have the same behaviour when clients set up a meeting to see work or to brief the agency on new projects. But in Germany I somehow feel 100% angst when the client is on his way. Agencies are afraid to rumble with them or even to talk for their point of views. Why? Because the client could give the budget to another agency, so let's forget about doing what we think is right and just behave like aboulic puppets.

Something is wrong. If your client trusts you and somehow thinks that the work you have done pushes the brand forward, then the last thing he will do is leaving the agency just because you have a different opinion. Good work needs some fighting. So do it. I don't want to spend any more hours working like a dog in order to sit in an agency meeting and hear words like "Oh, brilliant. But that's not exactly what we think the client wants. We would have to start a discussion and somehow will have to explain and defend our point of view...that's not what we like. Just walk the easy way and do some of this mediocre stuff, okay?"

No, not okay. In a matrimony when you are suppressed by your partner and have to play roles and are not allowed to think and act the way you think is right you spend some time at a therapist. or split up.

And honestly, do you really think that they want an agency with a philosophy called "Yes, you are right! Always!"

Agency Angst

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