Thursday, September 21

The beginning, maybe.

So this is somehow the start of the blog. Until now I don't know what it will be all about.

Probably it will contain lots of stuff about advertising in general, copywriting and account planning. So let's start with my top-3-daily-have-a-cup-of-coffee-and-read-blogs-list (the links you'll find in the sidebar):

Russell Davies
Russel Davies - the a-good-read-at-any-time-of-the-day-blog. Really interesting stuff about account planning and a nice guy. By the way you might want to join APSotW.

Wieden+Kennedy London
The blog of Wieden+Kennedy London - the beginning of my blog-reading-thing.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
blog of Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam - my newbie but a nice read.

So. That's it for now with advertising'n'stuff. I guess additionally this blog will be a lot about sneaker as well. Think I will start with posting my whole collection. This should take some time. Hopefully enough to think about what this blog will be about and if the 2.5 readers somehow warrant the work (I am sure, somehow).

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